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“My father said I was born in a pumpkin patch. Not true…I was knitted.

Like most knitters born in the 1940’s we can’t remember a time when we didn’t knit. Maybe the doll’s clothes came first, but it wasn’t until in retirement that I discovered “odd ball” knitting. So here I am now as neurotic as a patchwork quilter.

No op-shop, yarn supplies, spinner or weaver is safe or sacred. I collect yarns, ribbons, beads etc, not for specific projects, but just ‘incase’. “

– Carole Thompson

Carole was born in a small town on the south coast. She won a scholarship to be trained as a high school PE & textile teacher and her first opportunity came along teaching at Lyneham High in 1963. She is also a visual artist, working with mixed media such as paint, paper, fiber and fabric. She enjoys introducing people of all ages to the joys of fibre, yarn and fabric. Retirement hasn’t slowed this gal down and has converted a room in her townhouse, at The Henry, into a small studio. Currently Carole is enjoying collage, art journaling and creative knitting. Recycling is important to her so she will repurpose items into her art.

Carole is a member of the ACT Textile Arts Association. An enthusiastic group of textile artists and hobbyists who join together to share creative endeavours through monthly meetings, skill-sharing days and workshops. She enjoys passing on her knowledge to everyone. Carole attends The Henry’s ‘Stitching and Craft’ group where the ladies bring their latest projects, ideas and inspiration to the table. Attending textile related workshops has become a pleasure in her retirement.

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